Kimmo Komulainen Anbaric

Born and raised in the city of Borås, Kimmo Komulainen has long nurtured a dream about forming a solid band to channel his many musical ideas. Anbaric was born and Kimmo has been extremely creative ever since, with a third album in the works in a very short time.

Previous bands include Remain in his young years but in between Remain and Anbaric Kimmo has spent most of his time shaping a successful business in painting.

At guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh annual Freak Guitar Camp summer 2015 Kimmo had something of a wake-up call and realized how much he missed music and playing the guitar. Said and done, Kimmo handed over the baton of his blooming business to his wife and started composing full-time.

In 2017 the first Anbaric album was released as a direct result of this sonic epiphany.

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