Back In The Days

See the teenage me, I´m running, running down the road
Magic in the air, Full on party mode
Patch covered leather jacket, Groovy snake-skin boots
A Walkman metal mix tape, Blasting out my roots

The boys are waiting for me, The day has finally come
The humming of the amps, The beating of a drum
The venue’s packed and hot, Studs and spandex pants
Saved up for the ticket, Way in advance

Back in the days, When the denim jacket ruled
Back in the days, Horns up! It’s Friday night!
Back in the days, The anthem of our youth
Back in the days, Everything’s gonna be alright

Lights out, it’s about to start, We’re gonna have a ball
The main act hits the stage, As smoke fills the hall
We get our asses kicked, This is what we’ve been waiting for
The dream is to get a glimpse, Through the backstage door

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