Anbaric new singles

The Year of Anbaric. One new song every month.
This project is something we have been excited over for some time now. There is a rewarding feeling when you get music just recorded out there, right away. During a production of a full length album there are always dull moments when you loose interest and only see the mountain of work it takes to wrap it up.

By releasing a brand new track often, leading up to an album (or two, or three), you keep the process fresh and stimulating. You nail one tune, mix and master it, shoot a simple video and move on. Hope you like the ride! Thank you for listening.

Anbaric – Security Junkie Syndrome – New Rock Release April 2022
Anbaric – Method Of Madness – New Rock Release March 2022
anbaric day of reckoning
Day Of Reckoning – New Anbaric Song Out February 2022
Anbaric – Vantage Point – New Release January 2022
Anbaric – Sticks And Stones – New Rock Release
Finnish Rock From Sweden. Anbaric – The Awakening
Anbaric – You Own Your Life – New Song October 2021
Anbaric – The Obedient World. New song out September 2021
New song out August 2021. World Upside Down
Anbaric – Shadows of the past New song out July 2021
New song out 2021. Time to celebrate
Crash and Burn – New song out may 2021
New Anbaric song out April 2nd 2021. Back to basics
Anbaric dont fear the reaper
Don´t Fear The Reaper
you are not alone
Anbaric – New single out – You are not alone
Finnish Rock – New Single Out January 2021 – The Art Of War
Happy New Year! New Anbaric Release 2021
New single out Dec 2020 – Reflections
Corrupted – New Anbaric single out November 2020
anbaric sucker punch
Sucker Punch – New Anbaric single out October 2020
Anbaric - Levitate
Levitate – New Anbaric single september 2020
Anbaric-the devil is in the details
New Anbaric single – The Devil Is In The Details
New Horizons Anbaric 600x600 1
New single out! New Horizons
Anbaric - The reign of terror
New Single Out – The Reign Of Terror
Anbaric - Remix
Anbaric – Landscape Of Discontent. (Remix 133 BPM Workout Session)
Anbaric - The reign of terror
Anbaric fourth single out 29 may 2020. Reign Of Terror
Finnish Rock From Sweden – Oklahoma Land Rush
Anbaric single
Third single out now – See it in your eyes
Kim o Kimmo Anbaric
New song every month for a year. Album release 2021
Anbaric thumnail
Anbaric Varberg Bruket September 18, 2020
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