Anbaric - Remix

Anbaric – Landscape Of Discontent. (Remix 133 BPM Workout Session)

Landscape Of Discontent Workout Remix

To celebrate summer time we decided to get in good shape (together with our friend Jocke Berg from Hardcore Superstar) and present one remix version of the track Landscape Of Discontent by the funky Guzfather66.
One Tabata workout version and one straight remix to dance the night away to! Listen on Spotify or on Deezer.


Anbaric - The reign of terror

Anbaric fourth single out 29 may 2020. Reign Of Terror

The Reign Of Terror

New single from Anbaric – “Reign of terror”


Finnish Rock From Sweden – Oklahoma Land Rush

Oklahoma Landrush

Second song, entitled Oklahoma Land Rush, is scheduled for release Friday 27th of March 2020

Anbaric single

Third single out now – See it in your eyes

See It In Your Eyes

This song See it in your eyes is about how vulnerable we are. In a couple of weeks, all the safe and secure life, was taken from us!

Anbaric - See-it-in-your-eyes
Kim o Kimmo Anbaric

New song every month for a year. Album release 2021

Anbaric new singles

New Song Every Month

The Year of Anbaric. One new song every month.
This project is something we have been excited over for some time now. There is a rewarding feeling when you get music just recorded out there, right away. During a production of a full length album there are always dull moments when you loose interest and only see the mountain of work it takes to wrap it up.

By releasing a brand new track often, leading up to an album (or two, or three), you keep the process fresh and stimulating. You nail one tune, mix and master it, shoot a simple video and move on. Hope you like the ride! Thank you for listening.

anbaric live orangeriet borås

Anbaric – Back In The Days – New Song Out February 2020

Back In The Days

See the teenage me, I´m running, running down the road
Magic in the air, Full on party mode
Patch covered leather jacket, Groovy snake-skin boots
A Walkman metal mix tape, Blasting out my roots

The boys are waiting for me, The day has finally come
The humming of the amps, The beating of a drum
The venue’s packed and hot, Studs and spandex pants
Saved up for the ticket, Way in advance

Back in the days, When the denim jacket ruled
Back in the days, Horns up! It’s Friday night!
Back in the days, The anthem of our youth
Back in the days, Everything’s gonna be alright

Lights out, it’s about to start, We’re gonna have a ball
The main act hits the stage, As smoke fills the hall
We get our asses kicked, This is what we’ve been waiting for
The dream is to get a glimpse, Through the backstage door

anbaric-grand innovations

Anbaric – Grand Innovations

From the the forthcoming album “Anbaric”

A new beginning, Grand innovations
Pioneer spirits, The iron horse is born
The pumping pistons, The sound of metal
Machines are rising , Welcome to the brave new world

Grand….., Shaping the future
Grand….., No turning back
Grand….., Defining moments
Grand….., No turning back

Mechanical precision, Spinning wheels, boiling steam 
Over the nation, Revolution is here to stay


Breaking new ground, glory and grace
Building a new empire, feeding the industrial dream
Economic power, flexing the muscles
Taking no prisoners, unstoppable runaway train


Anbaric – Sisu

A Song About Finnish Fighting spirit

Crawling through the freezing snow
Fear and pain, uncertainty
Death is drawing closer now
Fighting for sovereignty

Shoot that flare gun to be sure
Hide the anti-vehicle mines
No surrender, no retreat
Move behind enemy lines

We won’t back down we won’t stop
We’d rather die than give up
We will stand tall we won’t crack
We’d rather die than fallback

The Unknown Solider
Point of no return
Baptism by fire


Point of no return