Anbaric – The Changing Tides

The changing tides – New song out November 2023

Like glaciers colliding
We clash and we break
Leaving love behind

As the frost settles in
As the winter winds howl
No warmth to find

I have been trying so hard
To make this work
And you’ve been trying so hard
In the changing tides

We seem like worlds apart
Fading away
When we used to shine

The flame has flickered and died
It’s turningso cold
Like an icy design

I have been trying so hard
To make this work
And you’ve been trying so hard

In the changing tides

Like the waves of the sea
Like the ebb and flow
Now lies indifference so cold
In the changing tides


Finnish Rock From Sweden. Anbaric – The Awakening

New song out November 2021. The Awakening by Anbaric

Bending over, Do you like just what you see?
Groping in darkness, You believe authority
We used to have some common ground
What comes around, goes around

When will you wake up, my friend?
I will be here ‘til the end
Will you ascend or descend?
I will be here ‘til the end

Refuse to listen, Refuse to take it in
I consider, Stupidity a sin

What comes around, goes around


Anbaric – The Obedient World. New song out September 2021

Finnish Rock From Sweden. One New Song Every Month. The Obedient World


New Anbaric song out April 2nd 2021. Back to basics

Back To Basics

We are kicking off our new, year-long project 360 with the track Back To Basics, inspired by Wabi-sabi, the traditional Japanese aesthetic where one appreciates the beauty of imperfection. Hope you like it!


Finnish Rock – New Single Out January 2021 – The Art Of War

New single and video out january 29th

Anbaric - Levitate

Levitate – New Anbaric single september 2020

Levitate – New Anbaric single and video out!

New Anbaric single from forthcoming album “The Year Of Anbaric” The major influences in this particular song are Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, David Gilmore, Ritchie Blackmore last but not least Mattias IA Eklundh.

Kimmo, as the guitar player in Anbaric, has long nurtured a dream of making an instrumental track. The time has finally come. Entitled Levitate, the song has an almost dreamy feeling of being high in the sky, floating among the clouds. Enjoy.

Anbaric-the devil is in the details

New Anbaric single – The Devil Is In The Details

New single and video – The Devil Is in the Details

New single from Anbaric August 28th 2020. Finnish rock from Sweden


New Horizons Anbaric 600x600 1

New single out! New Horizons

New Horizons

New single from forthcoming album “The Year Of Anbaric”